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      1. International Profile

        International Profile

        Time:Sep 10, 2021

        Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology has long welcomed a wide range of international partnerships and exchange. Along its path of international development, Union Hospital has entered into substantive cooperative relationships focusing on professional fields with more than 30 universities and medical institutions around the world, such as academic communications, personnel exchanges, and research collaborations, etc.

        Union Hospital seeks in-depth international cooperation and supports collaborative scientific research in various specialties. It has got approval for a number of international projects of scientific research, set up international joint platforms for personnels and departments. 

        Union Hospital welcomes international personnel exchanges. Every year, the hospital holds a number of lectures, seminars, teacher training sessions, and international conferences with foreign counterparts; supports a substansive amount of faculty and staff members to participate in short-term or long-term overseas exchanges; carries out international exchanges of medical students and joint training of postgraduates. (as of 2021)