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        The Public Hospitals High-quality Development Conference & Wuhan Union Hospital’s 155th Anniversary Symposium has been Successfully Held

        Time:Nov 9, 2021

        At 8:30am, November 6th,  the Public Hospitals High-quality Development Conference & Wuhan Union Hospital’s 155th Anniversary Symposium opened officially. Experts and scholars around the country gathered offline and online, to share the wisdom and fruit of high-quality development of public hospitals. The first Proton Therapy Centre in central China was inaugurated at the conference. Provincial and municipal officials of Hubei attended the opening ceremony and gave speeches.


        Prof. Zhang Yu, Chair of the Hospital Committee of Union Hospital, introduced the history of Union Hospital in his speech full of affection. Wuhan Union Hospital, with a long history spanning three centuries, was established at a critical time of the nation and has been developing together with the revitalization of the country. The hospital has grown from a small clinic with 15 beds into a regional medical centre featuring a “1+3” quaternity development layout, and evolved its original aspiration of “serve the people” into the motto “heal the world with love, unite the people with sincerity” now. The hospital staff is proud of living up to the core belief of “people first, life first”. The conference was organized to share Union Hospital’s experience and wisdom in high-quality development and embark upon a better future together.


        Prof. Hu Yu, President of Union Hospital, condensed the history of the hospital over one and a half century in his speech, showing vividly the remarkable achievements made in the last five years, charting out a marvellous blueprint for an international first-class medical centre with Chinese characteristics and proposing the “Union Model” for public hospitals high-quality development. Facing a new milestone in the history, Union Hospital will raise its historical stance, sharpen its strategic vision, present a better answer to the questions of our times, step up its efforts to build an international first-class medical centre with Chinese characteristics and make new greater contribution to establish a healthy China and push forward the medical development in the new age.


        In November this year, the Proton Therapy Centre at the Jinyinhu Campus of Union Hospital was completed officially. The Proton Therapy Centre was inaugurated at the conference. As one of the first nation-wide and the only one in Central and Southern China, the Proton Therapy Centre of Union Hospital has filled the gap in high-end targeted radiotherapy in the Central and Southern China. The proton radiotherapy system is widely recognized in the international community as the state-of-the-art and most accurate tool for cancer radiotherapy and will benefit millions of cancer patients upon its completion.


        10 delegates, including Prof. Wang Guobin, Prof. Kong Weijia and Prof. Yao Shanglong, were awarded “Honorary Outstanding Doctor” on the conference. 13 delegates, including Prof. Dong Nianguo, Prof. Xie Mingxing and Prof. Tao Kaixiong, were awarded “Outstanding Doctor”. Over the centuries, Union Hospital has relied on the outstanding doctors, developed the renowned departments and built a well-reputed hospital. On the occasion of the 155th anniversary of the hospital, 166 Honorary Outstanding Doctors and 119 Outstanding Doctors of Union Hospital were nominated.


        At 10:00am, the Public Hospitals High-quality Development Conference opened officially, to share wisdom and experience and boost high-quality development of public hospitals. Hot topics discussed included high-quality development of public hospitals, development of the medical service system, conversion and innovation in clinical medicine, and the reform of medical insurance, among other things in the health sector. Experts and scholars from Swansea University of the UK, Heidelberg University of Germany, and representatives of overseas alumni of Tongji Medical College of HUST attended the conference in the cloud meeting.


        The Wuhan Union Hospital’s 155th Anniversary Symposium featured an Academician Forum and four other forums. The Academician Forum  addressed cutting-edge fields of medicine with online and offline sessions. At 2:00pm, four other forums were held simultaneously. The guests attending these four forums discussed hospital system building, talent and specialty development, smart hospital and fine management, and cultural development.  


        Source: People’s Daily APP

        Written by: Wu Jun

        Edited by: International Exchange Office