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        Happy Union Hospital: 30 Couples Got Married By the Lakeside of Jinyinhu

        Time:Oct 22, 2021

        Union Hospital witnessed a collective wedding with best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness. In the afternoon of Oct. 21, the Fifth Collective Wedding of Union Hospital was held at the Jinyinhu Campus. 30 couples from Union Hospital and hospitals technically supported by Union Hospital got married at the same time. A simple yet joyful wedding was held in the same period with the 155th anniversary celebration of the hospital. 

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        "I cannot help falling in love with you…"

        At 14:30 pm, on Oct. 21, in a show of Cannot Help Falling in Lovesung by the grooms accompanied by electroacoustic stringed instrument music, the host announced the opening of the wedding.

        Accompanied by joyfyl music, the beautiful brides walked towards the stage, holding the arms of their most respected seniors, and stepped into a new happy life.

        Prof. ZHANG Yu, Chair of the Hospital Committee of Union Hospital, extended his best wishes and sincerest gratitude to the newly-weds. He wished that they would memorize the hospital's motto, "Heal the world with love, unite the people with sincerity" and act out of benevolence up held by the century-old Union Hospital and protect the people's health with integrity and sincerity.

        There are helpful tips for love and prescriptions for happiness. Representatives of the newly-weds' mentors presented warm tips such as "Love and Peace Between Husband and Wife", "Happy Family" and "Successful Career", wishing every couple a lifetime of happiness and love.

        By the lakeside of Jinyinhu, the blue sky witnessed the wedding. The newly-weds took a vow of loyalty and lasting love and celebrated the beginning of a new happy life, witnessed by their families and friends.

        Start a lifetime of love and happiness at Union Hospital

        Zhang Qiang, Vice President of Union Hospital, tied the knot for the brides and bride grooms. Then, all guests went onto the stage and together with the newly-weds, freed the balloons to the sky as a symbol of their best wishes for the newly-weds, Union Hospital and the country. The wedding was thus consummated.

        Keeping each otheraccompanied is the longest confession of love and to be together is the warmest commitment. Amid the song Keep you company to the end of time and all warm blessings, the 2021 5th Collective Wedding of Wuhan Union Hospital ended in success.

        Let's together wish the newly-weds a happy marriage and eternal love,let's alsocelebrate the 155th anniversary of Union Hospital and hope that the hospital will start anew and achieve more glorious feats.