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        Union Hospital Hosted Bo'ao Live Stream Surgery

        Time:Sep 28, 2021

        On Sept. 27, the hospital hosted opening ceremony of Bo'ao Live Stream Surgery, aiming to popularize good surgical practices both in terms of breadth and depth. The event went on from Sept. 26 to 30. Surgical skills were shown on the internet. More than 30 top-notch experts from the surgical departments, including Cardiovascular Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery, Breast & Endocrine Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Pancreatic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Gastrointestinal Oncology Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urology and Operating Theatre, were to live stream high-quality operations in a period of one week.

        Opening Ceremony of Bo'ao Live stream Surgery Week

        It was the Second Edition of Bo'ao Live Stream Surgery Week hosted at Union Hospital. Aside from surgery live streaming, online salon and operation replay, among other interactive sessions, are added to promote surgical concepts, technical specifications and hospital management. The idea is to create a vertical exchange platform for surgeons where they can share state-of-the-art treatments and cutting-edge surgical technologies with their peers across the country. 

        Union Hospital held the 1st Bo'ao Live Stream Surgery successfully in 2020. More than ten surgical departments from the hospital showcased their consummate surgical skills and good practices and had very positive exchange and interactions with their peers. Some one hundred operations done by 33 surgeons were live-streamed and accumulated more than 100,000 views countrywide, covering 2,063 hospitals in 32 provinces and regions.