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        The 5th Union Hospital WeChat Science Popularization Competition ends successfully

        Time:Sep 24, 2021

        The afternoon of Sept. 23 saw the opening of an interesting health science popularization competition in the Conference Hall of Union Hospital. As part of the 5th Union Hospital WeChat Science Popularization Competition and the 2nd Union Hospital Online Science Popularization Competition, a wide range of exciting activities were staged to spread scientific knowledge and celebrate the 155th anniversary of Union Hospital. 10 teams presented speeches and performances addressing hot topics of the social and major concerns of the people, such as treatment of cancers, treatment of chronic diseases, and prevention of diseases. Medical knowledge and the entertainment were intertwined to provide a feast of health science.

        Mascot of the Union Hospital Science Popularization Competition

        Born for science popularization and innovation, the mascot of the Science Popularization Competition named “Xiao He” was unveiled after the opening ceremony.

        The building of a Healthy China and science popularization requires the contribution of every individual. The competition spanned half a year, from planning, kick-start to the final, and was well supported by all departments. 184 pieces of work were received and a total of over 30 million visits and 13 million votes were recorded. The hospital has organized five editions of the competition consecutively since 2017. The WeChat Science Popularization Competition of Union Hospital has now become a well recognized brand of health science popularization in the country.