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        Stamped envelopes commemorating the 155th anniversary of Wuhan Union Hospital issued

        Time:Oct 8, 2021

        The year of 1866 saw the founding of Union Hospital in Hankou and marked the introduction of modern medicine into central China. To commemorate this event of historical significance and celebrate the 155th anniversary of Union Hospital, China Post yesterday launched a set of commemorative stamped envelopes nationwide and unveiled China's first Health Post at the hospital.

        At 10 a.m., attracted by the initial issue of the stamped envelopes, hundreds of Wuhan citizens arrived at Union Hospital to buy and stamp the "Commemorative Postmark"on the envelopes. Union Health Post thoughtfully prepared a Union Hospital Cultural Stamp for the enthusiastic stamp collectors to add on their envelopes.

        Citizens purchase the envelopes

        Two editions of stamped envelopes were issued this time—general edition and commemorative edition—both printed with a exclusive postage stamp of Union Hospital. The designer explained that the postage stamp is comprised of the hospital's logo, motto and other elements. The design in its entirety embodies Union Hospital's strong determination and faith in relieving patients' illness and pains and guarding the people's health. With the snake-shaped cane implying the inheritance of medicine, the book and hands standing for the power of science and technology, the number, 1866, showing its long history, the shield symbolizing health guard, the circle highlighting the meaning of solidarity and hard-working, the hospital's motto, "Heal the world with love, unite the people with sincerity", is engraved on the top.

        Exclusive postage stamp of Union Hospital

        Commemorative stamped envelopes of Union Hospital

        On the same day, China's first Health Post was inaugurated at Union Hospital. It is also the first thematic post office located in the lobby of a class-A tertiary hospital in China. Here not only precious stamps related to medicine are exhibited, but also the needs of employees and patients at the hospital for delivering parcels can be met. Meanwhile, Union Hospital Health Post provides Union Hospital cultural stampfor the use of stamp collectors.

        Young doctors present stamped envelopes to senior experts of Union Hospital

        The panticipants drop letters of greeting to health-aid professionals faraway

        At the ceremony, Union Hospital presented the commemorative stamped envelopes to representatives of senior experts over 80 years, and mailed letters of greeting to health-aid professionals working across the country.