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      1. Clinical Trials

        Clinical Trials

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        Clinical Study Support System

        • Clinical Study
        • Drug Clinical Trials
        • Medical Devices
        • Clinical study on formula food for special medical use
        • Translational Medicine
        • Bio-bank / Central Lab
        • New medical technologies, such as cell therapy,etc.
        • Animal Center
        Synergistic Development
        • GLP
        • GMP
        • GCP
        Organic Combination of IAR

        Study Quality

        Global Partners

        We have clinical study partners in 20 countries covering Phase I-IV clinical trials, medical device clinical trials, stem cell clinical studies, special food clinical studies, immunotherapy clinical studies, investigator-initiated multicenter clinical studies, bridging studies, drug-drug interactions, drug-food relationships, First-in-human trials, clinical translation, and research collaboration.

        Official Website :http://gcp.whuh.com

        WeChat Official Account :whuhgcp

        Contact details : Clinical Study Office 027-85726685 Ethics Office 027-85726375