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        Union hospital has its comprehensive strength steadily improved and ranked among the top tenamongChinese hospitals in 2020.

        In the past five years, the hospital has established 1 provincial key laboratory, 4 provincial clinical research centers and engineering centers. In addition, it received 2 National Science and Technological Progress Awards and 16 First Prizes of Provincial Science and Technological Progress. The hospital has obtained 653 funds from National Natural Science Foundation of China in total, with over 100 funds from NSFC for 8 consecutive years, which ranked the top 3 among all the medical institutes of China. It has led 14 national key research and development projects with the number of projects and the amount of funds ranked among the top of China. And it has doubled the number of high level papers published (SCI) to 2,590. In the latest Nature Index in 2019, Union Hospital ranked 6th in China and ranked 1st in Hubei Province. It has 2,204 authorized patents, including 55 invention patents, which ranked first in Hubei Province. (as of 2021)