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      1. Medical Services

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          International Clinics

          The International Outpatient Department (Main Campus) and International Clinic (West Canmpus) aim at providing high quality medical treatment and health care to foreign patients.

          • Emergency

            During seeking medical treatment in the hospital, the valid identity document, including passport, residence permit for foreigners, etc., is a must.

            Appointment telephone: 027-85726646

            24 hour emergency mobile: 18302702030

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          • Inpatients

            Inpatient Admission Process

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          Commercial Insurance

          Direct Billing:

          Appointment via insurance company – bring the ID card, insurance card and medical service card (if the patient already has one) – fill out a direct billing claim form – visit a doctor – examination, treatment and medicine – print a medical record – sign to confirm the invoice – end of medical visit

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